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End Plugs

Our technology seals the pipe ends to keep the elements out. All of our products have corrosion proof resistance for long lasting security. End plugs can be customized by engraving the property owner’s name and number on the front.

Live Ends with Locks

Includes all the same features as the End Plugs plus provides access to control the internal devices. Will adjust to existing utility cables. The locking mechanism provides a greater level of security.


Live Ends with Barrel Locks

Includes the same features as the Live Ends with Locks while providing exclusive ownership advantages. Each lock can be opened with a custom key designed exclusively for your company.

Sensor Pod

Adjusts to fit existing pipes and a variety of cable configurations. Made of durable materials to last in wet conditions. Positive internal contacts protected from the elements. Designed to move freely during installation and removal.


Live Ends with Microcontrollers

Includes the same features as the Live Ends with Locks plus wired and wireless monitoring from chosen access points. Microcontrollers can be set up to monitor motion, light, and air quality. We also provide options for motion triggered video monitoring.

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